Kabaddi Betting Tips and Predictions

kabaddi betting prediction

For sports enthusiasts in India, Kabaddi holds a special place in their hearts. Kabaddi is one of those contact-based sports that is played between two teams consisting of 7 players each. Popularized first in India and then in other Asian countries, Kabaddi has gone to become a big sport and in some nations, Kabaddi has gone to the wildly famous Asian Games.

However, despite all these, trying to navigate through the minefield of information about predicting and betting on Kabaddi is one of the toughest things to do. Much worse, a majority of players, especially new players based in India find it a little bit challenging when it comes to placing Kabaddi bets. Kabaddi is highly popular in India but unfortunately, many Indian players do not understand how to predict and bet on Kabaddi. To help them, our experts did spent a significant time on research to provide Indian players with accurate and expert information regarding Kabaddi prediction and betting. With a success of 90%, our expert Kabaddi predictions will enable you in selecting the best value online sports bet aimed at guaranteeing you higher chances of success.

Essential tips that must make to your Kabaddi prediction

Even though the factors that are essential when playing Kabaddi are few compared to other sporting events, nevertheless, it is vital to understand the basics of the game so that you come up with probable prediction tips. By understanding a few essential tips, you are putting yourself in a good position to rake in some cash. While not many, there are certain critical factors that you need to look out for. Interestingly, the factors are somewhat different compared to other sports. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Skill level – effectively analyzing the skill level of a team is important towards you effectively predicting a Kabaddi match. Some teams are highly skilled than others, and considering such is important-
  • Physiology – Kabaddi is a high contact game. For this reason, the physiology of the players matter the most. Teams with players that have a good physique stand a high chance of winning compared to a team with players that lacks physique.
  • Mental health – the mental health of players is another factor that you will need to watch out for if you are to correctly predict or enhance your chances of getting your predictions right. Kabaddi is one of those games that demand positive and tough mental health for good performance.

Team and player analysis: Enhancing your chances of winning

Analyzing teams and players is one most essential things when it comes to getting your Kabaddi predictions or enhancing your chances of getting your predictions right. Taking some time to analyze each player and the performance of a team is essential in predicting and betting on Kabaddi. For you to effectively make an educated bet, taking a significant time out of your busy schedule to analyze team and player chemistry, past performances, wins, losses, and the tactics of play will see you enhancing your chances of winning by placing a good bet.

For instance, if you are monitoring a professional Kabaddi league in India and rooting for a certain team to win, then you need to analyze how strong they have been , whether strong players are playing, and whether the players agree with the tactics of the head coach, just to mention but a few. This way, you’ll be enhancing your chances of predicting and making a successful bet.

Additional Kabaddi betting strategies

To ensure that your betting strategies are a notch higher than that of your friends, there are a few elements that you may have to keep at the back of your mind. For instance, if you are about to place bets on a team that is playing at home, then you need to be aware of essential factors such as home advantage. Additionally, matters to do revenge are very much popular when it comes to Kabaddi matches. You also need to watch out for a team’s position since such can highly influence the outcome of a match. If you are about to place a bet on a team that follow each other on the table, then you need to be careful enough as one may be motivated to win in order to improve its position on the table.

Betting for fun and betting for profit

When placing bets on sports, we are forced to make plenty of decision, some of which end up being costly. The same is true when it comes to placing bets on Kabaddi. Majority Kabaddi enthusiasts, especially those based in India do not bet for fun but for profitability. A majority of them place bets and prioritize on their teams even if they are going through a poor run of form as opposed to considering the statistics first. There are recreational Indian Kabaddi bettors who place bets simply for fun, while there are those die-hard fans who place bets without even considering the form of their favorite teams or whether their transfer plans were successful or not. If you are a Kabaddi enthusiast, then you need to bet after considering important statistics such as the total number of tackles that a team makes on average, fouls committed, and total raids, just to mention but a few. This way, you enhance your chances of getting your predictions right.

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Kabaddi Betting Tips FAQ

  • What is Kabaddi?
    Kabaddi is a highly contact game that is played between two teams that consist of 7 players on each side. The teams do play at opposite sides of a court with the main goal of the game being attempting to cross at the side of each other while tagging as many players as possible.
  • What are the forms of Kabaddi?
    Two different versions of Kabaddi exist – cycle and standard style. The standard version of Kabaddi involves two teams of 7 players aside and consists of 5 players that play on a field shaped in a rectangular form. On the other hand, circle Kabaddi gets played on a circular court.
  • Is Kabaddi a recognizable sport in India?
    Kabaddi is a recognizable sport and is now included in the Indian Olympic Games. India’s Kabaddi Federation began in 1950 and began organizing women’s and men’s tournaments in 1954 and 1952 respectively.
  • The Super Kabaddi and Pro League are some of the most popular Kabaddi leagues across India. Others include Kabaddi Asia Cup, Kabaddi World Cup, and the Kabaddi masters.
  • Can I bet on Kabaddi?
    Of course you can bet on Kabaddi if you so wish. Kabaddi is very popular in India and many bookies in India have Kabaddi on what they offer. Even though the markets that are on offer aren’t as extensive compared to other sports such as soccer, players have plenty of Kabaddi betting options at their disposal.


Kabaddi is a very popular sport, especially in India and Asian countries. Lately, a majority of bookies have Kabaddi under their menu with plenty of Kabaddi enthusiasts placing bets on Kabaddi matches on almost a daily basis. Unfortunately, when it comes to predicting and betting on Kabaddi matches, plenty of Indian Kabaddi enthusiasts find it hard on what to look for before placing bets. Hopefully, the above article helps on what to watch out for before predicting and betting on Kabaddi.

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